About The Inn


A little history of our building:
The site, which is nestled in what was the Village of Randolph, was purchased from Thaddeus S. Sheldon by the Village of Randolph in 1904.  The building was designed to be home to the "HOSE No. 1" Fire Department.  On the ground floor was a Village Board room, Hose NO. 1 Apparatus Room, Hook and Ladder room.  The second floor housed a Hose No. 1 Parlor, Hook and Ladder parlor, large locker room, small locker room, office and a large hall. When the fire department moved out of 1 Bank Street, the village took ownership of the building, and used it for a variety of municipal and private functions. It is now being redeveloped as a small country inn to welcome visitors to this beautiful part of western New York and all the sights, sounds and experiences that this area possesses.

We look forward to welcoming you to Randolph and the surrounding areas while you enjoy the hospitality at The Inn at One Bank Street.